Best Man Holiday: WOW!!

I went to see what I would call the Movie of the Year yesterday.  It was a matinee date with my Wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The quality of the film making and the visual effects were awesome.  I have never seen a house as fabulous as the one in which the Sullivan family lived in.  A couple of aerial shots showed me that I need to revisit my decision not to become a pro athlete.  Also, Nia Long is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world!

The movie is based around a gathering of friends for the Christmas holiday.It made me think of This Christmas, which was one of my favorite holiday movies until this one.  The tension was evident with the arrival of the first guests.  If one of my friends was an author, I would definitely ask them to refrain from recording personal experiences and secrets.  If an author is lucky enough to write a best seller, then most people will want to know the basis for the story.  Taye Diggs is suffering writer's block and after almost being thrown off of a balcony in the first movie, he needs a comeback.  He and the lovely Sanaa are expecting and also experiencing some financial difficulty.

Mia Sullivan is so serene in the role.  She looks like someone I would just like to sit and talk to.  She is just calm and a great Mother.  As the movie proceeds, a deep dark secret is slowly revealed.  Amid the grandeur of the house and the reunion of friends, a major emotional event will occur.  Terrence Howard, aka Quentin, is the funniest actor in this movie.  His comments are raw but true.  This movie is definitely not for teenagers.  It was one scene where he had just finished puffing some weed that had the movie theater cracking up.  It seems like the hangover from this cannabis encounter lasted for two days.

I shed a few tears during the climactic sports scene in the movie.  Why, I do not know.  It was an awesome set of events that Lance shared with his boys on the sideline of a Giants game.  I would imagine me, Hound, Nut and Joe Blaze doing the same thing.  One for all and all for one!!  As I get older, I miss those days.  I have to live vicariously through my children and just enjoy movies like this.  Also, my Men's Club meetings provide the space for our reminiscing and revelry.

One of the other story lines involved the previous life of the wife of one of the married couples.  I don't know why it would come up after two children and a comfortable living situation.  It reflects the dangers of YouTube and anyone recording something that is not for public consumption.  I would hope that most people would realize that filming intimate encounters is dangerous and can be haunting to anyone entering public life or trying to live on the straight and narrow.  Just ask the Mayor of Toronto who was caught smoking crack on camera.  He denied the use for months until it was replayed for the world to see!!  Don't film it!!  Also, if one makes a decision to marry a former stripper, be prepared to live with the memories of the former lifestyle.

The children were exposed to a serious cat fight based on some past history of some of the guests.  It was wild and illustrated some of the intermingling that sometimes occurs with close friends.  I thought that it was realistic and also reflective of real life.  In the end, the friends were galvanized by a situation that transcended all petty feelings of jealousy and betrayal.  There was also a scene of renewal and a reunion of a fractured relationship.  I think the movie is doing well at the box office.  I would see it again.  I am going to try to fit in Hunger Games this weekend.  I would recommend Best Man Holiday for all to see! 

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