Melissa Bachman: Keep It to Yourself

I have never been hunting in my life.  I do not even own a gun.  I am a carnivore so somewhere along the line things that I eat have been living and breathing.  I just think that Melissa Bachman should tone it down a little.  She created a furor recently in South Africa when she posted a picture of a lion that she had killed.  Someone helped her pose the lion so it looked like it had died a peaceful death.  The high powered rifle and her smiling face would seem to indicate that the lion faced a painful demise.

Melissa also posed on front of an alligator that had subsequently been hung from a tree like it had been lynched.  A large bear, an antelope and a wild boar were also among her countless victims.  How is if fair when an animal is going about its day in a native environment and hot lead tears through a vital artery.  Also, Melissa just exhibits this same strange smile like she really just accomplished something besides killing a defenseless animal.

I do like to fish.  Maybe someone can equate my hooking a fish with the same pain that South Africans felt about her killing a lion on their native soil.  I guess among the hunting fraternity/sorority her posts must generate some buzz.  An online petition is currently being generated to ban her from hunting and posting pictures in their country.   I would like to see a picture after she personally took down a prey.  Hand to hand combat or a knife to a vital artery.  Also, staging the animal afterwards does not rally reflect the awareness that they died after being violently killed.

The image that I pasted in this blog says it all for me.  A massive black bear is posed for a picture after its untimely death.  This bear looks like it is pleading for another day.  It probably had offspring and had a few more things to do with its life.  It was hunted and killed by Melissa Bachman and put on display.  Her smile would indicate that she enjoyed killing this animal and adding its picture to her on-line profile.  I abhor the sight of her smile and her seeming enjoyment of killing these large animals in their environment, 

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