Lana Felton-Ghee: Rest in Peace

I read with sadness about the passing of Lana Felton-Ghee.  I met Lana while I was Director of MBE/WBE Development at the Redevelopment Authority.  She had been involved in contracts at the airport and was trying to get work on a printing contract.  She was savvy and intent on being part of the myriad of work that we oversaw.  She was also a very sharp dresser.  She was interested in working on Convention Center contracts also and had attended opportunity meetings when I was part of an oversight committee for the expansion.

She was also credited with running the election campaign of W. Wilson Goode.  He was the first African American Mayor of Philadelphia.  She won a 1976 Bicentennial contract and worked with John Street and Ed Rendell.  Any of us who had an interest in minority participation on city contracts knew who Lana was.  For her husband, children and grand-children, I wish you Godspeed on the healing process after the transition of Ms. Felton-Ghee.  She left a legacy of achievement and reached goals that we can all aspire to.

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