The Memphis Grizzlies did Lionel Hollins Wrong

The NBA Basketball season  is just beginning.  I am a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers but I don't think we are playoff material.  In successive seasons, we traded our only All Stars: Andre Iguadala and Jrue Holiday.  I am writing this post in support of a former 76er, Lionel Hollins.  I remember when Lionel Hollins won a championship with the Portland Trail Blazers.  He was an effective guard who could shoot an effective jump shot.

I liked Mr. Hollins style as a head coach.  He was smooth and seemed to get along well with his players. Although it took awhile for the Grizzlies to have playoff success, his team finished with 56 wins in the 2012 - 2013 season and lost to the Spurs in the Western Conference finals in a sweep.  I was a little surprised by the trade of Rudy Gay during the season last year.  He seemed to be an effective scorer during the buildup of the team.  I just read this morning that he is also the subject of trad talks by the Toronto Raptors.  During this season the Memphis Grizzlies have struggled and I am glad.  In spite of Mike Conley and Mark Gasol, the loss of an effective head coach is a hard sell for a younger team.

The life of a head coach in the NBA is a tough one.  The Lakers faithful seem to never be tired of hearing about a Phil Jackson comeback  .Mike D'Antoni is okay but the reality is that Kobe is older and won't be able to carry the team on his back like he once used to .  Doug Collins was forced to resign ad the 76ers coach at the end of his disappointing run here.  He is always an entertaining analyst and will keep a job in that capacity.  I wonder about Jason Kidd's ability to transition from player to coach.  Not many have been successful in recent memory.  Scott Skiles has guided the OKC Thunder to multiple playoff seasons, an NBA championship series, but no ring.

One of the bigger story lines this year will be how Kobe Bryant recovers from his torn Achilles tendon.  I say that he will stay on for the money because his ego won't let him retire gracefully.   Also, it will be the Miami Heat's ability to focus on the rarely repeated three-peat.  I will be focused on the 76ers winning more than 17 games.  We are 3-0 so far and the addition of Michael Carter Williams has been a blessing so far.  I will also not be wishing the Memphis Grizzlies any luck.  I hope that Lionel Hollins will be able to land on his feet and continue his coaching career.  

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