Law and Order: SVU: Sobering Look at Reality

I have a limited number of television series that I watch these days.  I never saw an episode of Breaking Bad even though there was a much talked about finale recently.  I refuse to watch Scandal.  I hear enough chatter about it on Facebook.  I love the attention that Kerry Washington is getting but I am not a fan of the show.  My time is focused on HBO series now.  Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Blood.  Based on how True Blood ended, I will find another outlet.  Fairies, werewolves and now zombie vampires are supposed to make me watch.  After Billith, I am on to new things.

Law and Order, Special Victims Units has my full attention now.  I even watched an episode on line yesterday.  That is why I think it is a sobering look at reality.  The episode I watched recently was a direct reflection of the travails of Anthony Weiner.  It featured what could have been the first Hispanic mayor of New York City.  He had a gorgeous wife and family and polling was placing him on pace to win.  A domestic disturbance between one of his aides and a supposed paramour revealed a much deeper secret.  
The mayoral candidate had an alter ego: Carlos Trouble who shared posts with many women seeking danger and excitement.  He even said that his account had been hacked.  Shades of a public figure who just lost a mayoral primary.

How many of the other stories are based on real criminals?  There was a story about a teenage girl who met guys on FaceTime and had quick sexual encounters.  She was murdered and the initial suspicion was placed on her high school boyfriend.  The real perpetrator was a guy infected with HIV who had a vendetta against women.  A private investigator roughed up a side chick and then set her up for the murder of her supposedly jealous boyfriend.  Liv was tortured by a suspect who couldn't actually maintain a relationship with a woman who wasn't in bondage.  A professional was seducing young boys and still trying to lead an unblemished life.  Some of the story lines have to be derived from actual cases.  After visiting Brooklyn recently, I am intrigued about the filming of the show in various NYC locations.

The show makes me want to hug my kids.  They are 20 and 24 now but the abuse that goes on makes me cringe.  I also work on a contract that is funded by the Department of Human Services.  We are hosting an Adoption Campaign tomorrow in an effort to decrease the number of children in placement.  I can only hope that the horror stories are not as bad as what is reflected in the on screen depiction of Special Victims Unit.
There have been some horrible cases of child abuse publicized in Philly.  A young lady who had cerebral palsy and died in her bed emaciated led to the downfall of a number of DHS employees.  The social safety net is bursting at the seams.

I love the show for the drama.  Ice T is a versatile actor.  I cannot believe that Christopher Meloni, Detective Stabler in the series, left to get murdered after a few episodes on True Blood.  I like the addition of Danny Pino, know as Detective  Amaro, from the Cold Case series.  Detective Rollins is also a cutey and a great detective on the show.  I have seen most of my reruns and missed the regular schedule show on Wednesday.  I feel sympathy for any victims that are portrayed through the lens of this long running television series that is my favorite!! 

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